The Secret to Looking Good for Today’s Gentleman

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There are many reasons to focus on your male grooming these days; whether it be to impress a lady, for professional reasons, or even just to take good care of yourself. There are some things you can do to take the best care of your hair and skin. First off, cleanliness is key; you want to keep your hair and skin clean. But you don’t want to be over zealous about it, either.

Find a good shampoo that leaves your hair feeling soft and clean, and has a fragrance you (and the woman in your life) like. More than likely you only need to shampoo every other day; this will keep from over drying your hair and will make easier to style. As for your hair, depending on the length and whether it is curly or straight, you may want to apply some gel or leave-in conditioner. Curly hair can especially use the help of a good frizz cream. And if you have long hair, don’t be afraid to condition; but only condition the lower half of your hair and the ends. Conditioning the scalp can lead to oily build up and can cause some people to get breakouts on their forehead. Hair care is not very hard, nor will it take you very long as part of your male grooming regimen.

Now, you need a good method for caring for your face. If you have oily skin, you will want an oil-free wash that will help control the excess oil on your face. If you have trouble with breakouts, you may want an acne formula that helps manage them. If your face tends to be on the dry side, then you may want a soap-free option like a non-soap cleansing bar. If you have oily skin all over your body, you may even opt for a body wash that helps control the excess oils. You can also go with regular bar soap, but stay away from antibacterial bar soaps, as they harm the naturally occurring (and healthy) bacteria that you need on your skin to control other more harmful kinds. This can cause over drying and cause itching.

Now that you are clean, there are a few other male grooming tips to keep in mind. One of those things is hair control. If you shave your face, keep up with it. Allowing your face to become scruffy is unattractive and is not professional-looking. I would recommend not ever showing up to work looking scruffy. Also, keep nose hair trimmed so it’s not just hanging out of your nose. And it’s okay to trim up your eyebrows, too.

Don’t let yourself feel silly for caring for you nails either: keeping them even and trimmed, as well as keeping the cuticle pushed back will give your hands a cleaner look. You should even take care to trim your toenails and make sure you keep your feet clean and dry. This will help prevent the growth of fungus in the nails.

These tips should help you develop a routine that will help take care of your hair and skin. You will also look professional for work, and it will add to your attractiveness when trying to wow that special lady. Whether for work or pleasure, make male grooming part of your daily routine.